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Available in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas.

From OuterSpace Satellite To Your Homes & Businesses

Frustrated that high-internet speed is out of reach in your area. Many Americans are living far away from a busy city, and are facing restricted data caps. That’s where Starlink Internet comes in. You will get over a Terabyte of data per month. When signals are unreliable, Starlink becomes ideal for geographically isolated areas.

As your  professional Starlink Installer, we’re committed to comprehensive installation support in Tucson, Arizona, and nearby areas. Our team aims to provide value-for-money services, helping customers enhance their internet connectivity at competitive pricing.

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Free Cost Estimates

Before everything else, we assess the needs and provide detailed recommendations with transparent estimates

Service Guidance

Discuss whether the services you want meet your expectations. If they don’t, we can tap into 400+ IT and Technology Solutions.

Qualified Network Cable Installers

Investing in keeping our staff up to date with the latest technology and making sure all technicians are fully trained.

From Residential to Commercial

Every project and property is different, but our internet solutions cover your home and office completely.

Internet - Camera - WiFi

Putting Quality & Security In Services

Besides Starlink, we can integrate network and security into any premises. If it connects to Wi-Fi, we can do it!


Smart and secure have become a welcome feature in this connected world. Protect your property with Advanced Camera Solutions and get a secure environment with real-time monitoring and alerts around the clock.


Enter into the future of convenience and efficiency with Smart Home Automation Services. Enjoy a wide range of smart devices from intelligent lighting and climate control to voice-activated assistants and audio systems.


Enhance your home Wi-Fi coverage or upgrade your business’s network infrastructure. Our team provides Advanced Mesh Systems. We use the latest technologies to ensure your network meets with the digital age.

Point-to-Point (P2P) Internet

Point-to-Point (P2P) Internet is a private connection that directly links two or more of your locations, unlike traditional internet service which relies on wired infrastructure. P2P creates a dedicated wireless link. It’s ideal for remote areas, jobs sites, events and backups.

Internet Redundancy

Also known as network redundancy, you will have more than one internet connection – to ensure that your home or business stays online if the primary connection source goes down. By Joining both internet solutions through a SD-WAN router, you will have fail-over protection, seamlessly maintaining productivity. Internet redundancy not only shields you against outages but also enhances performance and security.

Call Us & We’ll Show Up

Our Trained Installers have Completed 100+ of Issue Free Installs in Arizona and Throughout The US.

The same technicians can help your Starlink kit work for you and make point-to-point Wi-Fi on your property. Our team has gained over 20 years of experience in network installation service.

With the right and required balance of technical skills, physical work, and positive customer interaction, Our Independent, Starlink Installers are fully trained for all your specific needs. Civilian to Government projects are in our wheelhouse .

Our Working Process

Here's A Closer Look At Steps Involved

See how our team in action serves a mix of technical installation, customer service, and administrative responsibilities. We make it easy to get your Starlink Internet.



Day kicks off with reviewing scheduled appointments. Noting specific requests, all equipment is picked, packed, and loaded into the service van. Our strategic route planning considers travel time to ensure a timely process.


Installing Process

After greetings, begin a thorough site assessment inside out. Outside, we find an ideal dish location with an unobstructed sky path, be it on a roof, pole, or ground. Once chosen, align the mounting for optimal signal reception.


Routing Cables

Moving inside, we do our best to route cables with outstanding, tidy service. This includes discreet in-wall drilling or running them behind guttering to secure and conceal Starlink cables while maintaining the property.


Network Integration

Next, we integrate the system with the customer’s existing network. This process allows for mounting the new equipment, connecting the Starlink cable to the included router inside, or connecting to all needed devices.


System Testing

To validate the Starlink system, we check for strong signals and ensure the connection speed meets the expected performance. The process guarantees a smooth and reliable internet experience for our customers.


Post Cleaning & Reports

Now, attention turns to cleaning. It’s on us. We leave your site pristine, with all debris removed, leaving no trace behind. Additionally, we take photos and create installation documents for our records and customer peace of mind.


Customer Support

Post sessions assist customers in downloading the Starlink app on their mobile devices. We also guide customers on setting up user accounts, resolving basic issues, updating credentials, and adjusting settings in the future.



For any unexpected issues that may arise, our team is equipped for immediate solutions. This involves diagnosing issues, adjusting dish alignment, replacing faulty components, or updating system software as needed.

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frequently asked questions

Once you’ve placed your order with Starlink, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This email will also include an estimated delivery timeframe for your Starlink kit.

For a standard Starlink installation, you’ll need the following components in the installation kit: 

  • Satellite Dish with legs
  • Starlink base antenna
  • Standard cable – 75 ft (23m) 
  • Longer cable for your specific needs.
  • Wireless Router
  • Smartphone for setup

Yes, Starlink is known for its weather-resistant design. It can maintain speeds of up to 175 Mbps even in harsh weather, such as high-speed winds, deep snow, and freezing temperatures.

If you experience an internet outage, which are very rare, simply call us. We can quickly check for any outages in your area and provide you with an update over the phone.

We offer Starlink Installation Services in many areas in and around Tucson, Arizona. Feel free to give us a call to confirm availability in your specific area.

We offer a range of services, including Security Camera Installation, Network Structuring, Data Cabling, Access Control Systems, and more. Our focus is on delivering high-quality smart home solutions.

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Specialize in installing and configuring Starlink home and business systems, including Wi-Fi Networks so that automated devices, and integrated security systems will work properly.




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Enter into the future of convenience and efficiency with Smart Home Automation Services. Enjoy a wide range of smart devices, from intelligent lighting and climate control to voice-activated assistants and audio systems.